What is the best skincare routine for dry skin?

Updated: May 13, 2020

Skincare routines can often get a little confusing, that’s why at Rabbit Nose we want to help you turn your skincare routine into a daily ritual that makes you feel good. If you suffer with dry skin on your face, you’ll know that it can affect your life in many ways. If you like to wear makeup, maybe you feel like it doesn’t quite sit right. If you suffer with a chronic skin condition, you might suffer with itching and soreness. Whatever the reason is, you’re here and wanting to learn more about how to deal with dry skin on your face, so we’re here for you!

What are the best products to use in a skincare routine for dry skin?

A daily routine for dry skin is very similar to a regular skincare routine, except you may use more moisturising products or more natural and organic products to avoid chemical reactions. Below are the types of products I would recommend for a dry skin facial routine:

  1. Light, creamy cleanser

  2. An alcohol-free toner

  3. Hyaluronic Acid

  4. Moisturising facial oil

  5. Natural, hydrating balm

The first product you should use is a light cleanser. I use the Aesop light cream cleanser as it’s vegan and super light on my skin. This means it doesn’t strip away any of the natural oils that are left on my skin.

In any skin routine, I would always recommend using an alcohol-free toner, but this is particularly important for dry skin sufferers! Toners can help your skin feel soft and hydrated, so it’s definitely important to use a toner in your skincare routine even if you have sensitive skin.

The word acid can seem a little scary, but Hyaluronic Acid, when used properly, can be super beneficial for dry skin. Using this type of product is best used on slightly damp skin and use a moisturiser afterwards. Always test a small amount on your face first before taking the plunge.

If your skin is lacking moisture, adding a moisturising facial oil to your daily skin routine can really help! Make sure that the oil you’re using has a carrier oil that doesn’t clog your pores, like grapeseed or jojoba oil. I use the Rabbit Nose Opulence Oil every day to keep my face nourished and moisturised.

Sometimes the skin is so dry, that you need a little extra help. Unfortunately for me, I’m a natural sufferer of dry skin, and can sometimes breakout in scaly patches under my eyes, on my forehead and chin. This is where a super hydrating natural balm comes in very handy. I use the Rabbit Nose WonderBalm to finish off my routine and let it all soak in before starting my day.

How to use products for a dry skin routine

Step one:

Lightly dampen your face with warm water and massage in your light, creamy cleanser. Make sure to get into places where makeup might be stubbornly placed, like around your nose! Use a warm, damp flannel or cloth to wash off the cleanser. This can help exfoliate your skin rather than shock it with big splashes of hot water.

Step two:

Once the cleanser has been removed, dab your face with a dry cloth to make sure any excess water has been removed. You can then use your alcohol-free toner. A couple of drops straight onto your palm will do, and then press the product in your face lightly. If you have dry skin, rubbing in the toner with a cotton pad may be a little harsh, so light pressing motions will feel more comfortable.

Step three:

Hyaluronic Acid usually comes in a pipette bottle form, so use 2-3 drops straight onto your face and press in the product. Concentrate on any dry areas and lightly tap the skin to make sure the product is soaking in nicely.

Step four:

Rub a pea-sized amount of facial oil into your hands and press onto your face, like you did with the alcohol-free toner. If this soaks in quite quickly, feel free to add more until your skin feels hydrated. This is a great opportunity to give yourself a quick facial massage, depending how much time you have spare.

Step five:

Finish off the routine with a natural, moisturising balm. I normally take a pea-sized amount of balm and allow to melt a little on my finger and then rub gently into any sore or dry areas. With WonderBalm, you only need the tiniest amount to cover the face. It always gives you that ever-sought-after dewy glow, so you may feel confident enough to go au-naturel for the day.

If you’re going to wear makeup, wait 5 minutes before putting anything else on your face. Allow all the product to sink in, and make sure to start your makeup routine with a moisturising primer.

How can I do a skincare routine with minimal products? I don't have all the above!

Don't have Hyaluronic Acid or a light, creamy cleanser to hand? No problem! You can achieve an effective daily skincare routine with just 3 products. With the Rabbit Nose WonderBalm, you can cleanse your face to start by rubbing it lightly into your skin and washing off with a warm cloth.

Then use a toner by patting it into the skin, preferably an alcohol-free or anti-oxidant toner. Once this has soaked in, finish the routine with Opulence Oil - our hydrating facial oil. If you still feel a little dry on any intense patches, reach for WonderBalm again and rub a small amount onto the patches and leave to soak in.

You can check out our quick skincare routine for dry skin over on our IGTV series.

How do I remember to keep up my daily routine?

Incorporate the routine into your morning ritual.

It can be hard remember all of the steps to a skincare routine, that’s why I like to turn my routine into a mini ritual that forms my whole morning. I’ll wake up, drink a glass of water, do a small yoga routine and then go to the bathroom and begin the skincare routine. I will brush my teeth after I have put the Hyaluronic Acid on, to allow it time to soak in, and continue the rest. This all takes about 20 minutes, including the mini yoga session, so it really doesn’t take too much out of your day.

Organise your products

As a skincare lover, I have lots of different skincare products in my bathroom. However, to make sure I keep doing my skincare routine regularly, I keep my 5 daily products in the most accessible place.

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