The benefits of a facial massage

Massages are great way to help you relax, help your muscles recover from aches and pains and help improve circulation and flexibility, but we don’t always think about massaging our face. You can easily give yourself a facial massage, even if you’re not a skincare expert, you can find a massage technique that works for you and your skin.

Close-up of a woman's soft and flowing skin - photo by Linh Ha

What are the benefits of a facial massage?

Relieves tension

The main reason that I started giving myself a facial massage was because I was feeling so much tension in my jaw and cheeks. I’m not sure if I grind my teeth in the night or it’s a symptom of stress, but massaging these tense muscles in my face provides so much needed relief. You will wonder why you didn’t start massaging your face sooner and will maybe be shocked at the amount of tension knots you can find in your face that you didn’t even know existed!

Boosts elasticity and circulation

Massaging, tapping and stroking your skin helps to boost your circulation and bring oxygen to the surface of your skin! If you give yourself a facial massage regularly, you will probably notice that your skin looks more elastic and glowing. This is because your face needs oxygen to produce collagen, which is a fundamental protein that strengthens your skin and provides moisture. So, if you suffer with dry, tight skin, a facial massage could naturally help your skin become smoother and more hydrated.

Helps skin to absorb products

Depending on your skin type and the products that you use, you may feel like products sit on your face and maybe don’t work as well as they should. The way you use the product is just as important as the product that you’re using, so if you want to use a facial oil, why not massage it into your skin to make sure you skin is absorbing it?

Relaxes you

And of course, arguably the best benefit, is relaxation! Nothing beats a massage to help you relax, even if it is DIY. You can give yourself a facial massage while watching tv, listening to music or even during meditation. It’s also a great way to help you sleep, or even wake yourself up with in a morning if you’re feeling a little stressed.

How to give yourself a facial massage

Now you know why you should try giving yourself a facial massage, but how do you do it?! You can head over to our IGTV series for our ‘Cleansing Facial Massage’ routine, or you can read below.

Step one:

Press oil into skin

Use a nourishing facial oil, like Opulence Oil, and press it into clean skin. With Opulence Oil, you only need one pipette’s worth of oil – rub this into your hands and then press into our skins. Make sure your whole face is covered and rub in slightly anywhere that is usually very dry.

Step two:

Stimulate the skin in circular motions

Using two fingers on each hand, move in circles lightly pressing into the skin. Focus on areas that are tense, whether around your eyes, your jaw or cheeks.

This is also the perfect time to give yourself a ‘cheek lift’. This feels so relaxing if you suffer with a tense jaw. Move your fingers underneath your cheekbones, lightly massaging any knots. Then move to your jaw, pinching with your thumbs underneath your jawline and moving upwards.

Step three:

Lightly stroke the skin in an outwards direction

Stroking the skin is a really relaxing way to massage it, but it could also help drain away any fluids. If you do this regularly, you may start to notice that any discomfort due to sinuses reduces and you may feel a little less “blocked up” in your face.

Step four:

Press pressure points

There are plenty of pressure points around your face, particularly around the eyes and your mid brow. Move naturally around your face, putting pressure on areas that cause you grief or feel tense.

Step five:

Tap skin

The final step to a great facial massage is skin tapping. Tapping your skin is ideal for two things:

- Helping your skin to absorb any leftover product

- Stimulating blood flow

These two things mean whether you’re starting or ending your day with a facial massage, you can rest assured your skin will feel more moisturised and hydrated.

And there you have it! Let us know how you get on over at our Instagram, @rabbitnoseapothecary.