Do I still need a skincare routine in lockdown?

As it stands at the time of writing this, we have been in lockdown for 8 weeks. You might have continued with your usual skincare routine, ditched make-up or even ditched skincare all together. If you’re looking in the mirror and seeing an extra pimple, clogged pores, dry skin or oily skin – you’re probably wondering…how? I’ve literally been sat inside, away from pollution, not wearing make-up. But our skin is susceptible to much more than that, which means even when we are stuck indoors, our skin can still benefit from a nourishing, hydrating routine.

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What are the benefits of a skincare routine during lockdown?

Whether we’re in lockdown or not, our skin is our largest organ and needs to be cared for so that it can work to its best ability. Even if you’re not going outside, your skin is constantly adapting to everything that affects it, such as food, cleaning products, dust or even just the air in your home. A skincare routine can benefit you in many ways.

A skincare routine can help hydrate dry skin, control oily skin or soothe sensitive skin

Everyone has different skin types. Just like everything else about us, everyone’s skin is completely unique. Some of us may have skin reactions to certain foods, products or even temperatures. Some of us are lucky enough to not have reactions or changes to skin at all, it may just be a little dry sometimes, or a little oily.

Whether you need a routine for dry skin, oily skin or to maintain its elasticity, a skincare routine can control any issues you have with it and keep it healthy, even when you think you might not have to.

A morning and evening routine can help you to relax

Now more than ever you may be feeling the stress or anxiety of the situation we all find ourselves in. At the best of times, our daily lives can leave us waking up or going to sleep with a weight on our shoulders. A skincare routine in the morning and night can be turned into a soothing ritual and provide a sense of normality to times when life is being a little bit unpredictable.

A skincare routine can keep your skin clean and healthy

Whether you have a simple 3-step routine, or a more detailed routine for morning and night, a skincare routine helps to keep your skin clean and, protect it. You can also take your time with a skincare routine and add in facial massages that can improve the elasticity and overall appearance of your skin. Even if we aren’t going outside or socialising right now, doesn’t mean that our overall health can’t impact your skin. Stress and other factors can takes its toll on skin, so keeping up with a skincare routine, even in lockdown, can help tackle this if it bothers you.

Routines can help you take back and feel in control

According to consultant psychiatrist Dr Dimitrios Paschos, routines can help to remove uncertainty we are all living through. They can even help to empower you and help you start your day feeling comforted and powerful.

Do I still need to wear SPF if I’m not going outside very often?

An upside for our skin during lockdown is a decreased exposure to the sun. But we were, in typical British fashion, blessed with 6 weeks of glorious weather meaning those lucky people with gardens may have transformed their outdoor space into their new tanning spot. Even if you don’t have a garden, extended exposure to sunlight through windows or even short amount of times outside in the sun can still impact your skin. So, even though we have been going out less, we should still protect our skin with SPF. Prep your skin with your usual skincare routine and end with a moisturiser that contains SPF to protect your face. A moisturiser helps to lock in all the goodness from your routine while the SPF protects your skin from sun exposure.

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Do I still need to moisturise if I'm not going outside?

While skin dryness can be caused by the outside elements, your skin can still benefit from a moisturising session every now and then. Our advice is to keep up your usual routine, and if your skin is feeling tougher than usual, switch up your routine to include a body butter or balm to nourish the skin.

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