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The Magic of all-natural Body Butter

Skincare crazes come and go; activated charcoal for teeth whitening, using mashed banana and honey as a face mask or using hair conditioner as shaving foam (just to name a few!). But one that has always stuck is the use of Body Butter. 

Many skincare brands sell various body butters, ranging from different, vivid colours and scents. However, we believe that the best kind of butter for your skin, is the natural kind.

Our Body Butter is made with three simple ingredients that are completely vegan, cruelty free and toxin free. 

Cocoa butter: contains fatty acids that have anti-ageing qualities, as well as antioxidants that help improve elasticity of your skin. This has been proven to help reduce scars and stretch marks, and of course the obvious, hydrates your skin. 

Shea butter: has anti-inflammatory qualities due to cinnamic acid and other natural oils that are obtained in this butter. Therefore, Shea butter is a great, natural remedy to red or puffy skin. It is also incredibly oil, and highly nourishing on your skin. 

Coconut butter: is the result of whipped up coconut flesh, therefore, like cocoa butter, contains all the nutrients of fatty acids, which help improve the look of scars and stretch marks, and highly moisturises dry skin. 

Simply use a small amount, massage into your skin and allow to soak in. 

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Beth @ RN x 

Coconut milk powder: is it the best product to help heal eczema?

One of the products that I absolutely cannot live without is the Rabbit Nose Bath Milk. For some reason, nothing soothes my eczema or rehydrates my dry skin better than a handful of coconut milk powder in a warm bath. 

Over the years, I have had to use many medicated, steroid creams to soothe eczema all over my body. Now, I have white patches of skin where the steroid creams have bleached it...and I still suffer from the occasional breakout of eczema. So now, I have more problems than what I started off with. 

I have tried absolutely everything to get rid of this skin condition. When I was young, I was told that I have eczema because I have asthma, and somehow the two are linked. However, over time, I have worked out that my eczema is mainly caused by eating dairy products, very cold weather and lemongrass essential oil. 

I can't remember how or why I decided to put coconut milk powder in my bath, but one day in winter my eczema was so dry and irritated that I decided to try it. I melted the powder in the bath whilst it was running, and added a couple drops of geranium essential oils, as I had read that geranium, along with many other essential oils, is great for dry or chapped skin. After the bath, my skin was SO soft, and my eczema had almost immediately cooled down. An actual miracle. 

This is how our Bath Milk came to light. We have blended organic, premium, vegan coconut milk powder with the best quality, organic geranium essential oil and vanilla essential oil, to create the most soothing, natural remedy for dry skin. This product is perfect for those who don't like to use oily creams or butter on their skin, but have no choice because other moisturisers just aren't moisturising enough! Well, here is you choice.

We hope that this post has helped other sufferers of skin conditions see that there is another option other than applying endless amounts of oily or medicated creams to your body. In my opinion, our Bath Milk is one of the best things you can try for dry, irritated, red or blotchy skin that has suffered or is suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema.

Thanks for reading, 

Beth @ RN x